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For those of you who don't know us, we are Lalit and Rohit. Partners in crime in all past outdoor adventures and now, co-founders of Advait Outdoors.

It all began at the height of 5000 meters (yup, all crazy ideas start in some of the weirdest places on earth), during our Mt. Nun expedition in August 2019. We'd both been working in the outdoor adventure field for over 3 years by then and we'd managed to get plenty of hands on experience in cycling expeditions, treks, mountaineering expeditions in the mighty Himalayas. Rohit even led a team of celebrities for a trek in Sikkim (more on that when we meet :)). Maybe it was the lack of oxygen or inspiration that comes from the raw beauty around you at 5000m, but we both wanted to do better for the trekking community and most importantly, for the mountains.

That’s how the idea of starting our own adventure company was born. We both witnessed plenty of treks destroyed by uncompassionate adventure firms and we wanted to take a stand. A stand against established campsites that ruin meadows, taking large groups on popular treks that turn every beautiful corner of the Himalayas into a commercial populated spot and a stand against trashing wild landscapes.

Our values towards the Himalayas and the environment mean a lot to us. So when you choose to trek with us, know that you are helping in our objective to sustain the beauty that takes your breath away in the mountains.

We are extremely excited to start this journey and take you on plenty of unforgettable adventures. When you meet us, ask us about how we met. We’ll tell you a heart warming story.

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Our Testimonials

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