Here are seven reasons why we are an outstanding choice for you.

Why Advait Outdoors?

Something for everyone

We understand that one size does not fit all. We offer a wide variety of outdoor adventures for all ages and experience levels.
From families, young children, couples, senior citizens to experienced outdoor enthusiasts - we have something exciting for everyone.

SafeTravels protocols for the 'New' normal

The new "post-Covid 19 world" requires rigorous safety standards. We go the extra mile to ensure both our staff and our clients are safe.
Use of the World Travel and Tourism Council’s #SafeTravel logo indicates that we are following an accepted standard for healthy and hygiene protocols outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organisation.
In addition, we also ensure that our team is equipped with all required safety and medical equipment for each of our offered trips.

Exceptional Certified Leaders

Our commitment is to hire and train the best guides in the industry. Advait Adventures only hires experienced leaders with advanced certifications in mountaineering, first-aid and rescue. Most of our leaders have led 7000+ meter expeditions, have in-depth knowledge of each terrain and have the required know-how and contacts for any kind of rescue situation (including heli-rescue).
In addition to technical and medical credentials, we also require excellent people skills. Our wonderful leaders and guides have the ability to turn any adventure into an inspiring, fun and sometimes a truly unforgettable experience.

Small group adventures (5-12 members per trip)

All our treks and trips have been designed with you in mind. We never allow more than 12 guests per trip to ensure the quality of experience is nothing but amazing. This makes it easier for our leaders to provide all of our clients the necessary medical attention to detect and prevent high-altitude health issues like AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), hypothermia, frost-bite and so on.
The only exception we have is for School and Corporate Programs, where we ensure a healthy 6:1 (clients to experienced leader) ratio.

Fantastic meals

Our clients come back with fond memories of the food they ate during our trips. We provide exceptional meals by customizing the menu based on the preferences of the group. We never use freeze-dried backpacking meals- our staff is equipped to cook hearty delicious meals that will inspire you during your trip! We also regularly accommodate jain, vegetarian, vegan and other speciality diets.

Top of the line gear

The only thing that’s beyond our control in the wilderness is the weather. The weather in the mountains is always unpredictable.
We can’t fight bad weather but high quality equipment can make a world of difference. We provide high-quality equipment like tents, sleeping bags, mattresses and safety equipment and go over and beyond to maintain them.

Responsible tour operator

Everytime you book a tour with us, you are helping to conserve the wild landscapes and thriving local communities. We follow a leave-no-trace policy and ensure we keep the beauty of the Himalayas intact for the future generations. We dispose off biodegradable waste properly and ensure all the non-biodegradable waste is brought back from the wilderness.

Contributing to local communities is very close to our heart. We ensure all our local staff is heartily remunerated to provide for their families, and is fully equipped with the appropriate clothing and gear for all of our trips.

Every heartbeat matters to us.

Testimonials & reviews

Our Testimonials

We count our experience in the terms of best feedbacks from our clients !

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