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Black Peak Expedition: Defining the Challenge

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Black Peak (also known as Kalanag) stands as a formidable sentinel, reaching an elevation of approximately 6,387 meters (20,955 feet) above sea level. Climbers are drawn to its towering prominence, enticed by the promise of awe-inspiring vistas and the exhilaration of conquering this challenging peak.

The expedition begins with trekkers and climbers setting their sights on the picturesque village of Osla in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India. From here, the journey leads through dense forests, serene meadows, and remote villages, ultimately culminating in the base camp.

The ascent of Black Peak is a thrilling blend of technical climbing and physical endurance. Climbers will face steep sections, crevasses, and varying degrees of snow and ice. The summit day is the pinnacle of the adventure, demanding both skill and determination to reach the top.

One of the most alluring aspects of the Black Peak Expedition is the opportunity to revel in the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan landscape. Trekkers and climbers are treated to panoramic vistas of snow-capped peaks, including the majestic Bandarpunch, Swargarohini, and the Gangotri Massif.

The journey to Black Peak also presents a chance to engage with the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Trekkers encounter warm-hearted villagers, experience local customs, and may even participate in cultural festivities. Teahouses along the route offer a taste of Himalayan hospitality and nourishing cuisine.

Black Peak Expedition- Preparation & Climbing Challenges

A successful Black Peak expedition requires meticulous planning and preparation. Climbers must be physically fit and mentally resilient to tackle the challenges presented by high altitudes and challenging terrain. Adequate gear and equipment, including ice axes and crampons, are essential for safety and success.

The Black Peak Expedition is an unparalleled adventure, offering climbers a chance to test their limits, soak in the natural beauty of the Himalayas, and immerse themselves in local culture. With the right preparation and a spirit of adventure, conquering Black Peak becomes an achievement to cherish for a lifetime.

Embark on this thrilling journey to Black Peak and experience the heights of the Himalayas like never before. Whether you’re an experienced climber or an aspiring mountaineer, the challenge and beauty of Black Peak await your conquest.


Day 1 : Arrive in Dehradun and Drive to Sankri(6300 ft.)

Drive 185 kms/ 6 hours

The meeting spot for the expedition team would be at Dehradun Railway Station or ISBT. From there we board our cab and start our Journey to Sankri. The route takes us through Mussoorie where we have breakfast at Kempty falls. After breakfast we follow the route of the Yamuna River for a while during the course of our journey. We take another small pit stop for lunch at Purola, this is the last point where you will receive mobile network, so inform your family and friends of your departure for the expedition. After another two hours to reach Sankri where we will halt for the night. Overnight stay in Hotel.

Day 2 : Drive to Taluka(6900 ft.) and Trek to Seema(7400 ft.)

Drive 12 kms/ 1 hour

Trek 12 kms/ 6 hours

Today we begin with our expedition with a short but scenic drive to Taluka. We start early as our trek is long through the winding trails of the valley. After passing the few houses and shops located in Taluka village, we follow the trail along Supin river to make our way to Seema which will be our campsite for the night. The route can get a little strenuous as half of the trek is gradual and steep ascent but the coniferous forest and cool breeze will always help us stay fresh and active. On the way we pass the ancient village of Osla before we approach Gangadh where you will notice hydraulic mills used by the local villagers to make flour. The last part of today’s trek is shaded by walnut trees and if you are lucky you might even get the opportunity to scavenge some from the ground. Overnight stay at Seema campsite.

Day 3 : Seema(7400 ft.) to Ruinsara Lake(11,500 ft.)

Trek 14 kms/ 9 hours

After some stretching and an early breakfast we start our journey towards Ruinsara lake which is a high altitude alpine lake situated at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. Today the trail takes us through a thicket of hedges and thorny bushes before opening up to a beautiful grass where we get our first glimpse of Black Peak standing tall in the Bandarpoonch massif. As we cross the river and enter the lush green setting of Ruinsara valley, the massive peaks of Swargarohini Peak look upon us. The last stretch before reaching Ruinsara Lake campsite is surrounded by Bhojpatra or Himalayan Birch trees. After a gradual ascent we reach the campsite where we see small streams filling the lake and providing ample clean water for our campsite. Overnight stay and rest at the campsite.

Day 4 : Ruinsara Lake(11,500 ft.) to Kyarkoti Base Camp(12530 ft.)

Trek 7 kms/ 6 hours

We have an early breakfast and depart for our base camp for this expedition. We start with a gradual climb across the huge grassland with snow capped mountains looking over us. As we approach the steeper section of today’s climb we make our way onto the thin goat trails where we traverse carefully and keep moving forward to climb down onto the rocky desolate terrain, we reach an altitude where we don’t find any trees. The terrain gets difficult as we move through rocky terrain and finally reach our campsite at Kyarkoti. The view of Black Peak and other peaks is just awe inspiring and fills our heart with excitement and thrill to take on the challenges to come for the expedition. Overnight stay at Kyarkoti Base Camp.

Day 5 : Rest Day at Kyarkoti Base Camp(12,530 ft.)

We utilize this day to rest and acclimatize to the altitude we have gained so far. Proper information is given about the equipment which is going to be used in the expedition from here on such as roping up and walking in snow boots.

Day 6 : Base Camp(12,530 ft.) to Advanced Base Camp(15,100 ft.)

Trek 5 kms/ 5 hours

Today we walk through tougher terrains as the altitude has increased and so has the gradient of the slopes. From here on we say goodbye to the mules and some of our support staff and make our journey higher by traversing through scree and moraine. There are a couple of points where we will need to cross streams and climb tricky sections. The course of today’s trek takes 4-5 hours to complete and is full of adventure and excitement. We move parallel to the massive Bandarpooch glacier making us realize that the terrain here is highly demanding in both physical and mental aspects. All the surrounding peaks are up close and clear from here on and make us realize of their huge mass. The leaders and sherpas scan the territory to judge the route forward.

Day 7 : ABC(15,100 ft.) Loadferry to Camp 1(16,730 ft.) and Back to ABC(15,100 ft.)

Trek 4 kms/ 5 hours

The trail to Camp 1 starts with crossing the last patch of grassland and moving into scree-shoot area and moraine. The climb is steep and we carry only the essential items required for the expedition from here on. The route is steep and from here we really feel the altitude as we have to take some time out to catch our breath. After reaching Camp 1, we get a clear view of Black Peak and the massive cravesses that we will encounter on our journey to the summit camp. The view is just mesmerising and shows you the true beauty of the features of the mountain. After setting up Camp 1 and putting all our equipment safely we make our way back to ABC where we will rest for the night and prepare ourselves to shift to Camp 1 the other day.

Day 8 : ABC(15,100 ft.) to Camp 1(16,730 ft.)

Trek 2 kms/ 3 hours

Today, we take the same route to Camp 1 which used the previous route and set up our campsite to stay the night and move forward.

Day 9 : Camp 1(16,730 ft.) to Summit Camp(18,050 ft.)

Trek 2 kms/ 4 hours

Our route today takes us through the massive glacier which will lead us to the summit camp. We put our snow boots on and strap on our crampons as we have to walk over the solid ice of the glacier and the path is full of cravasses so we wear our harnesses and rope up with each other. From here on our true mountaineering expedition begins. We zig zag along the route avoiding cravasses. The plateau-like structure where we will set up our summit camp is visible and guides our way. The thought of departing for the summit post midnight energizes our mind and keeps us moving forward even after we feel the altitude making simple tasks seem very difficult. We rest as early as possible so that we rest our body for the summit push.

Day 10 : Summit Attempt(20,955 ft.) and back to Summit Camp(18,050 ft.)

Trek 6 kms/ 10 hours

The day of reckoning has finally arrived. After resting in the evening we start with our summit push at 1 am in the morning so that we get favorable conditions for the summit and experience the beautiful sunrise. The lead climber goes in the front to strategically open the route and fix the ropes where the rest of the team will attach their Jumar and Anchor for safety and cmiln up the near vertical wall. This section of almost 100 feet is especially technical and tough and utmost care needs to be taken at this point. With the cold winds blowing before the sunrise, the summit is not too far away. Take photographs of your accomplishment but remember the expedition is still not over as the objective is not just to reach the summit but to come back safely. Don’t spend too much time in that altitude and try to return to the summit camp or even lower to camp 1 is possible to reduce the strain of coming back to the road head.

Day 11 : Buffer Day

This day is reserved if the weather does not permit the climbers to make the summit push.

Day 12 : Summit Camp(18,050 ft.) to Base Camp(12,530 ft.)

Trek 9 kms/ 7 hours

After celebrating our grand accomplishment we start to wind up our camp and take the same route back to Kyarkoti Base camp. Make sure that you do not leave anything behind after the expedition as nothing will degrade at that altitude and the waste will remain as it is for years because of the altitude. Rest for the night at the Base Camp

Day 13 : Kyarkoti Base Camp(12,530 ft.) to Ruinsara Lake(11,500 ft.)

Trek 7 kms/ 4 hours

After spending days in the tough terrain and altitude we come back to a more hospitable and comfortable campsite of Ruinsara Lake. We rejoice and enjoy the greenery around the lake looking back at the journey we had just completed and now it was time for us to go back. Overnight stay at Ruinsara Campsite.

Day 14 : Ruinsara Lake(11,500 ft.) to Seema(7400 ft.)

Trek 14 kms/ 7 hours

Today we lose more altitude and descend down to Seema and set up our campsite. We can take some time to explore the village Osla, where it is believed that the villagers pray to Duryodhana the eldest of the Kaurava of the Kaurava Princes, the temple is out of bounds for non citizens of the village and the temple doors open only on select occasions. Overnight stay at Seema.

Day 15 : Seema(7400 ft.) to Taluka(6900 ft.) then Drive to Sankri(6300 ft.)

Trek 12 kms/ 5 hours

Drive 12 kms/ 1 hour

We trek back the same route we had taken back to Taluka where our vehicles are waiting to take us back to Sankri where we can take our long awaited bath. Celebratory dinner at Sankri and overnight stay at hotel.

Day 16 : Drive back From Sankri to Dehradun

Drive 185 kms/ 6 hours

After breakfast we load all our luggage onto the vehicle. Feeling nostalgic about the arduous journey we had just completed, we say goodbye to Govind National Park and arrive at Dehradun at around 1600 hours. Plan your stay or departure according to this time.

Total Duration

16 Days

No of Trekking Days


Starting Point / Place

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Ending Point / Place

Dehradun, Uttarakhand



Maximum Altitude

6387m/ 20956 feet

Best Time To Visit

May-June, Sept-October


79000 + 5%GST

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